How to Increase Concentration Power?

how to increase concentration power

Concentration and hard work is the key of success in life. Success or any goal cannot be achieved overnight; practice, preparation, persistence and hard work are definitely important factors. But to work on all these factors you must be focused. To achieve any goal in life there it is important to work hard with concentration towards your goal. You might have or not those abilities to achieve your target still, you can reach to your goal by practice & persistence with concentration. There are so many examples where people made a mark after fighting difficulties and that is only possible with concentration. If you are finding difficulty to concentrate in what you do or to achieve your goal and looking out the ways ‘How to increase concentration power’ then this article will help you to increase your concentration power.

Reasons of Distraction:

The kids are often gets distracted if their assignments or home works not including fun. The most kids even not finish their food in one go. They look out to make excuses to not done their work to complete food. Another factor is that growing kids if observes their surrounding, they move further and start doing something new without finish their homework or food. Most parents look out the ways to increase concentration power for kids.

In growing children like teenagers and young students, hormonal changes often a one of major factor of distraction. Unnecessarily usages of electronic gadgets like mobile phone, television, computer, laptop, and tablet are also distract students. However, these gadgets more often uses by Schools and Institutions to make study more engaging. So in such cases it is quite difficult to restrict and keep away from gadgets. To increase concentration power for students and growing kids it is important to spend long hours of day away from gadgets.

How to improve concentration power

Before we discuss on steps to how to increase concentration power, we need to think what distract us and what are the reasons behind it? Whether it’s an 8 yr old kid, a teenage, a young student, working professional or anyone, we all get distract and find difficulties to concentrate. The reasons of distraction vary according to age group, working people and nature.

Another reason of distraction is pressure by parents and society from the path of your expertise. You might be thinking what I am talking; in another way I am saying Competition makes you less concentrate. Yes, you read right. It may be possible you are working hard but you are unable to concentrate and the result will be not fruitful. So, find work of your interest and start working on it. This article will help you to increase concentration power for work.

Social media may also a reason for all age group for distraction. Nowadays life on social media influence people to show what they don’t have, to pretend happy and desire of become overnight famous. Unhealthy life cycle, aging, lack of good sleep, under confidence, lack of knowledge, head injuries, fear of failure some of reasons for loosing concentration.

How to increase concentration power?

If you are reading this article and finding anyone reason out of above mentioned reasons for lack of your concentration. Then this research packed article may provide you tip to increase your concentration. I am sharing 7 tips to increase your concentration power.

Feel free to share your experience, feedback and your way of how to increase concentration power.

Start with Small Steps

As I mentioned Success or any goal and deadline in life cannot be achieved in overnight, even morning sun shines after 12 hours long night. Start taking small steps by setting small goals in everyday life for example like start with morning rituals. Most of people start their day in morning apart of those works in night and sleep in daytime. For an example if you are finding difficult to awake before sun or early morning set your goal every day if you wake up at 9 every morning then set your goal to waking up 10 minutes earlier and also set deadline for yourself to accomplish it within 10 days. Setting small goals and achieving improve concentration power.

Exercise Everyday

It is always said a healthy body has healthy mind. So start with 10 minutes walk, running, cycling, yoga, meditation or dance; add any of these physical activities to increase your concentration. Whenever you do any physical activity it charges your muscles and veins.

 I remember in my school days when everyday PT teacher use to take small session of exercise and on Saturday we had one period for yoga. It was refreshing way to start your day and I felt more focused than days I won’t exercise. I understand not all of us can be fitness freak, but this is our body every individual should take responsibility to take care of their own as I said start with small steps.

Start Keeping Notes

 Start writing your everyday activity, plan for next day, after accomplish one goal write your new goal what is your strategy and how will you achieve it write step by step. Writing and reading everyday increase concentration. When you write, your mind repeats the words and instructs to follow and when you read it your mind remind you to take action. Don’t think what is your profile, what you do start keeping notes. You might be a student, a salesman or a sportsperson start keeping record.

Brain Game

Playing mind games like Jigsaw Puzzles, Chess, Sudoku, Crossword Puzzles, Word Search and Scramble helps to increase concentration. These mind games push you to think out of your comfort zone, you do calculation, addition and allow you to find new ways of solution.

Add Healthy Food in Your Life Style

 Why eating healthy food is important? Have you ever realized after eating foods which contains rich amount of oil, spices, cream, cheese slowly turned you into slow person. You might or might be not look fat but most of time you feel lazy, sleepy, get tired easily, and sometime swings your mood and that leads lack of concentration; if any of these options in you start by taking 1 week challenge to change food habits. Add more green veggies; avoid junk food, extreme oily and spicy food. Once you start taking good food you feel healthy and happy.

 Breaks In Between your Work

To improve concentration on your work takes break in between your work. In every 90 minutes take 10 minutes of break to relax, stretch your body it will increase your energy and you will be more focused on your work. If you have a desk job working on computer, close your eyes often for 2 minutes in between 20 minutes break to relax and improve concentration.

Take Complete Sleep

 It is widely said for adults it is important to take 7-8 hour sleep in one go. A good sleep increase concentration and memory too. Failing regularly to take good sleep at night can be cause of mood swing and distraction from work. To get a good sleep follow some tips:

  1. An hour before sleeping put away your electronic gadgets like television, mobile phone, laptop and tablet
  2. Assure that your bed must be knit and clean.
  3. Before going to wash your hand and feet.
  4. To rid of sleepiness, do some stretching but avoid harsh workout.
  5. Mild music may help you to heal your mind and soul.

 These 7 tips to increase your concentration power will helpful for students, for work and for family people. Last but least practice, persistence is the key to increase concentration power.

Top 5 Link Building Mistakes

top 5 backlinks mistake

Link Building in SEO is a concept to get top of SERP and become a famous webpages or URL in  webmasters mind. Although, it is still one of the best methods of increasing the chance to rank well in search pages, but it can also get you penalized if the strategy is wrong.  Do not try to build backlink in bulk It is better to build a link on those web pages which has similar or related visitor as well as quality links while build backlink must avoiding the top 5 link building mistakes

#1 Mistake: Check for “No Follow” Attribute

The major difference between No Follow and Do Follow link are No-follow link drag visitor to our site this link does not has contribution in ranking. Where Do-follow link has direct contribution for ranking factor. Visitor could not deficient both link but using a rel=”nofollow” means to let Google not consider or the page rank to the target URL. So, practically it is of no use for the Search Engine – Google. Therefore, you have to check the links from time to time if your link is still there or not! It is better to remove them promptly when you find it on your website. Must consternate to build Do follow rather of no follow links.

#2 Mistakes: Quality Links but No or Meaningless Anchor Text

 #3 Mistake: Avoiding Alt Text

You are getting a good backlink from a high PR site; it is worth to look at the anchor text as well. An anchor text is an important part, it tells about the page or the website. But, if the anchor text instead of having keywords has text like – Click here, Click Now, Follow Us, Call us, etc. then it is of no use! In addition, the second part is that the same or exact match anchor text also needs to be checked. Be friendly and use some tools which help to use anchor text like: Search console, keyword tool (keyword planner) anchor text analyzer tool. The final advice is to take maximum use of the anchor text having diversity (meaningful content) to prevent your site from a Penguin Penalty.

alt text

If you are not using any anchor text in the page or post, you are using image as main content than do not forget to use of image alt text. Web crawlers do not understand images so the alt text that is an alternative form of text-based information which describe image is what about. Informative and related images help audience as organic traffic to visit website, so in case of possibility use the alt text link. With no image links, is cause of getting low ranks!

 #4 Mistake: Getting Irrelevant Links

 More than numbers, relevancy matters in backlinks. Avoid getting more backlink from high PR website which is not relevant to your site instead of getting some links from relevant website. So, what will be the result? May be it will give you rank for short time but later You will penalize by search engine. If you are going out of your business –line for ranking purposes you have to pay more.

#5 Mistake: Getting backlinks from page with many outgoing links:

Avoid making a backlink from those websites which provide backlink to more website. This type of website will not be going to give you link juice to you. Therefore, getting a backlink from such websites is not a good search engine optimization which rank your webpage. Do not link on poor site.

With continuous Google Algorithm updates like Panda (3.4) and others, buying and selling concept does not work for too long. In addition, Google algorithm checks with what velocity you have made the backlinks. The search engines crawler are intelligent to identify that they are being manipulated or not. Hence, instead of spending a good amount over buying/selling links try to provide a good user-interface and quality content and satisfactory content. Be the natural to avoid link building mistakes – increase your readership by engaging content and naturally get backlinks!


spirituality definition true meaning

To the structure of spirituality definition the true inner meaning the question is first of all: what is it? Is it New Age, is it religious, is it self-realization without compassion?

Spirituality is not about a belief, not a thought and not an idea. It is a reality, the true definition of spirituality  is nothing but an understanding of truth, the extent to which our awareness and knowledge increase.

Spirituality Definition in Hindi click here

Now we understand it by our practical life incident, when the small things get disappear automatically, you don’t have to let go of your own. For instance, if someone is offering you a brand new bike in replacement of your old bicycle then obviously you will take it. If someone is offering a car in replacement of that bike, again you will prefer a car. And, if someone is offering a jet plane, just imagine, definitely, you love to take that. So, the essence is whenever you get higher of yourself, the lower of yourself will get miss out on its own.

“We live in illusion and the appearance of things. There is a reality, yes its spirituality, and we are that reality.”

Spirituality and Religion

Most of the people connect spirituality with religion but the true meaning is quite different from each other. As we understand the exact meaning of spirituality is aware with truth and get aware with truth is not an easy task so in ancient time there were fewer people were a scholar and they have written us all scripture. To guide other people about the reality they connected all good things with God so other people must follow those things but their motive was to keep people away from bad things.

spirituality and religion

It is being misinterpret bu some people that spirituality means riligious talk but it is completly wrong the true meaning is to know thruth and reality.

Simple, Spirituality definition the true inner meaning is self-inquiry. It is the best “Good Karma” of the world because it is taking you inside and all other “Karma’s” taking you outside. Those who have questions in their mind that “who I am, from where I have come and where I have to go”. Believe me, till the time you have these questions, you are doing good and the day you stop thinking about this, you are on the wrong track, “the bad karma”. So, always and always hold this.

Spirituality and Meditation

If you want to know the meaning of Spirituality in Hindi, please translate this article into Hindi. Spirituality definition the true inner meaning is self-control means by doing the things from which we are increasing our controlling power. Spirituality is to control our eleven, yes, of course, it’s “11 Jnyanendriy” (senses). The 5 Jnyanendriy, 5 Karmendriy, and the Dashendriy-Mind. Apart from this “Eleven”, no concept ever exists. For example, if a person says that he has learned how to swim but out of water???. Yes, you can laugh. The reality comes out when he actually doing an act of swimming inside the water.

Spirituality Meaning in English

Whenever our senses dominate us, it is the role of our will-power that comes out for controlling these senses. It is an actual Spirituality definition the true inner meaning, the state when you don’t have to control the 10 senses. Perhaps it is already in controlling position means if “you want to do, you do and if you don’t want to do, you don’t do”. At last here comes the 11th Jnyanendriy-the most powerful of all “our mind (spirituality)”. And this “Mind” is nothing but the entire “Ramayana & Mahabharat”, where all our life’s war is going on and our body is “Kurukshetra”. When we learn to conquer this war, that is our mind, it is called practice, “the practice of Spirituality”.

“Spirituality definition the true inner meaning is energy that stays above of our mind, our body, our beliefs. Ultimately, it brings change, the awareness

How to generate leads for real estate Business

real estate leads generation

Upgrade your business strategy with time to generate more leads. Now this is time to change your lead generation tactics from traditional to digital marketing strategy by using all digital medium to reach to our aspirant client and customer The top 5 idea for how to generate leads for real estate business in india to make an brand, stable and more profitable business.

This is universal law, everything upgrade time to time in the same way so business model and marketing strategy have fallow the same law. After every decade marketing strategy got change in the same way lead generation strategy for real estate business in india is  switching on digital platform.

Outdated lead generation strategy for real estate business

  • Pamphlet
  • Poster
  • Visiting Card
  • News Paper
  • Radio (Broadcasting)
  • Television (Broadcasting)
  • Flex

Not in India rather entire world generating lead for real estate business is outdated because it has some issue which I mentioned below…

  1. No option to generate free leads
  2. Ads or content is less attractive
  3. required more physical activity
  4. There is no option to target more location in same cost
  5. No option to display our content 24×7 on all platform
  6. There is no option to target exact audience

Why digital marketing is best option for real estate lead generation

Digital marketing is the best option to generate lead for real estate business because it is inbound marketing which based on permission our content display or approche to those person who once gave permission or show interest for real estate. therefore the chance of lead increase compare to traditional or outdated marketing.

There are two option to generate leads from digital platform or channel.

Lead generation on digital medium


we can target our aspirant without paying to anyone bu only our content which consist text, Audio(podcast), Video, Image and Infographics on our product and services.

How to generate free traffic for real estate leads business

  • Do attractive and informative Content Marketing.
  • Chose and drag interested audience on your Social media page by social media Marketing.
  • Display Your sold property or built on youtube video.
  • Target your aspect by design email marketing.
  • Create a blog to help customer by sharing point that should focus before purchase property.
  • Deliver your property feature and offer by podcast.
  • Write a informative post on other relevant blog to generate lead.

Paid/ Demand generation

By Using paid ads we can display our property in their budget when they search it on google or show their interest on social media.

Paid platform to display ads…………………….

  • On search engine

1.Search Ads: Run a campaign on google result page when someone search keyword related to real estate. To run Ads on google click here

2. YouTube Ads: Display your video and text ads when someone sear keyword related to real estate or watch video gather information which at the time of purchase.

3. Ads on Google Business: Display your discounted offer when someone do local search for property on google.

  • On Social Media

1. Facebook Ads: In current date most of the people are on facebook either they are on google or not but they have facebook so we have large crowd on facebook to generate leads for property.

2.Twitter Ads:  Twitter is best place to target professional people and where chanse of leads generation are more than other.

3. Linkedin Ads: In linkedin we target audience by seen their job profile which give idea of their income that is main target area for lead generation

Top 5 headlines idea to write digital content

  1. 10 things you need to know before purchase a flat
  2. Do before purchase a property
  3. Before you buy a flat enquire………
  4. Top 5 mistake beginner make at the first purchase
  5. Question should ask before purchase property

Traditional Vs Digital marketing to generate lead for real estate business

After calculation above table information we can understand by example: if we
want to sale a flat so on traditional marketing options are pamphlet, Newspaper, Radio, Television Poster, Flex and on digital channel Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Search Ads, Youtube Ads, Gmail Ads etc.If we do marketing by using cheapest medium of traditional marketing that is distributing Pamphlet we have to pay minimum 500 hundred will cost for printing than we have to pay 3-4 hundred to a person who will distribute it and throw on road we have to keep eye on him else they throw it on road and we could not track our ads or leads from which channel ads coming, we can target very low range area

Digital marketing cheapest Ads option is facebook Ads  where we have to pay 100 rupees  and we can target 1000 people those have interest to buy property and we can target any location of the wherever we want to show our ads and we can run ads 24×7 even we can scheduled it.

Thanks for reading this blog………….

How to cure PCOS permanently fast and lose weight naturally?

What is Polycystic ovary disease (PCOD) or Polycystic ovary syndrome and how to cure pcos permanently: PCOD/PCOS is a problem which mostly seen in women. The root cause for this disease is hormonal disorder in women body. When LH hormone which released from pituitary gland or level of insulin which is released from pancreases are in high volume than some cysts (red dark spot) find in ovary these cysts are not harmful but its force ovary to make extra volume of testosterone, when a high level of insulin increased in women that also force ovary to make more testosterone hormone and this kind of hormonal imbalance is called PCOS/PCOD.

How to cure pcos Naturally

In common language in PCOS or PCOD, the male hormone Androgen level increase in women ovary that is why cysts started to develop in ovary and female suffer from weight gain issues and after so much try it does not reduce. Sometimes it also found that due to heavyweight androgen hormone increased in a women body that causes cysts in ovary and women trapped by PCOD or PCOS.

Earlier it only happens with 30-32-year age group women but nowadays its found in teenagers too.

This is a disease is not found in the previous era it is a new disease which is found from some decades

What is Androgen Hormone?

Androgen hormone is a male hormone, but it also found in women in short volume

  • Testosterone
  • Androstenedione
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)
  • DHEA Sulfate (DHEA-S)
  • Andros enediol (A5)
  • Androsterone
  • Dihydrotestosteron


Now question is that from where, when and why androgen released?

When insulin and metabolic is not strong in our body that affects pituitary and hypothalamus gland from where androgen gets released. Weight put on is also one of the reasons those women or men are suffering from weight put on the issue in their body metabolic is not active that force both glands to release more androgen.

Why women are more affected than Men?

There is no doubt that men are the victim of PCOS or PCOD but women more suffer reason is physical structure and function. Women have a menstrual cycle and conceiving child function that is quite different to men. Therefore hormonal changes have been seen in women body. Due to the menstrual cycle, every month hormonal imbalance found in women body. Stress is the main cause for menstrual cycle imbalance that gradually converts in PCOS. But in men body due to more stress most of the time they suffer from the hurt problem when stress is too much in that case men have hormonal imbalance because they have already won androgen hormone so little increment not affect more. Although women suffer more for same in little stress.


Symptoms in Male: It is difficult to find out symptoms in men, but there are some points that lead to finding out.

  • Irritation
  • Overreact
  • Weight put on
  • Feel more thirsty
  • More Sweating
  • Low sex interest

Symptoms in Female

  • Irregular menstrual cycle or close
  • Suddenly weight put on and after so many try weight does not go down
  • Hair growth in all part of the body
  • Emotionally up down
  • Irritation and worry on the small thing
  • Oily Skin and Acne on face
  • Hair-Fall
  • Vomiting


Stress: Maximum stress reduce insulin in the body that affect pituitary and the adrenal gland that influence these glands do release more androgen.

Less sleep: This is the measure cause for stress.

Less Physical activity: In human body metabolic is active when we do more physical activity when our physical activity is less that cause less insulin.

Junk Food: This type of food item has all bad ingredient that reduces insulin flow in the body that cause flow of androgen

PCOS diagnosis & test

PCOS patient has to go through this following diagnosis, therefore, Doctore may come to know which kind of treatment should prescribe to the patient.

  • Follicle-stimulating test
  • Intima-media thickness
  • Homeostatic model assessment
  • Hydroxyprogesterone
  • Testosterone
  • Vitamin D
  • Lipid profile
  • Glucose Test
  • ACTH stimulation test

How to cure PCOS naturally fast

All are the searching solution that Polycystic ovarian syndrome treatment, So keeps in mind that there is no permanent treatment for PCOD but we can reduce by some changes in lifestyle.

protein size in pcos diet

  1. Happy Lifestyle
  2. Sleep for 8 hours
  3. Morning walk
  4. Exercise especially aerobic
  5. Do not eat sugar
  6. Avoid fat
  7. Try to eat natural protein
  8. Protein size in PCOS diet

Everyone has different requirements for protein according to body size, age, gender, and weight. However, for the average woman, aged 18 to 45, protein is required approximately 46g to 50g per day.  but for the pregnant or lactating woman needs additional protein to meet the daily needs of the body. A healthy PCOS diet for the PCOS patient should include at least 2 to 3 servings of lean protein each day.

Effect of PCOD or PCOS

fast improvement in pcos

  • Weight put on
  • Fertility Problem
  • Obesity
  • Vomiting of normal smelling
  • If not get proper treatment on time, then due to cysts it converts into ovary cancer.
  • Imbalance of androgen hormone sex interest may be reduced or increase at a great extent.
  • Probability of Heart attack increased.
  • Due to insulin imbalance Diabetes may be impacted.

By reading this article you can learn How to cure pcos permanently and overcome on pcod  To know more about health-related issues click here

Top 10 Tips How to be happy in life alone

Think positive

The art which teaches you how to be happy in life is a great lesson to make our life happier alone we start our day as a new birth. There is an old proverb which says “Lose an hour in the morning and you will be all day hunting for it”. When you wake up early in the morning, you look around yourself; you will see birds chirping in blue sky and sunshine touching your face. Every day is a new beginning of your life. Many things must be happening in your life but regardless of any circumstances, for a good start to the day, start with a big smile and hope in your eyes and expecting that your day is going to be wonderful.

Every day is different; every moment is precious, so make each and every day count. Complaining is part of human nature but doesn’t change anything if you will start your day will complaints. Don’t complain about the things, for making a better future for your life make most of the today.

How to be happy in life

How can there be many things in life that you need to do? Although they don’t give much happiness but are very necessary to have a happy life. Happy life means having inner peace and being happy and spent your whole day with a big smile. You will be positive and starting with these few things will make you healthy and when you are healthy all the goals and dreams can be achieved.  

A big smile on your face

When you wake up in the morning there should be a big smile on your face. This is something which tells you how your day is going to be spent. Think of something positive in life, all the good things that you want in your life be positive about it, all the goals you want to achieve in your life. When you smile it strengthens your immune system, it will prevent you from any type of disease.

big smile

Be grateful for everything

Being grateful for everything you have with you. It changes everything. Thanking lord for waking up in the morning and be glad for it. Express your appreciation for everything; it does not cost anything but gives you inner peace. You have to answer a question while thanking that is for what things you are thankful for. This really helps you to realize the things you have that others don’t have and the Lord has given you such things.


Make your bed

Make your habit of making your bed as soon as you stand from your bed as it seems waste of time but we usually waste time in many unnecessary activities but completing one task gives a sense of satisfaction and it becomes a foundation to take many more tasks throughout the day. When you make your beds it looks cleaner and organized than messy beds. It is actually one of the ways through which we can get rid of the depression.

Deep sleep to be happy

Stay away from technology

Usually what people do when they wake is check their cell phones. They open social media and see the new posts and compare their life with others. Comparison life leads to depression and its causes a mindset of comparison. We generally start comparing our life with others which gives unnecessary stress in our life. So start your day with staying away from technology at least for an hour.

Keep distance from mobile


Starting your day with meditation is one of the best ways to start your day. It helps you to boost your immune system, reduces blood pressure and heart rate. It somehow helps to have an understanding about oneself and you can grow into your best self. When you do focus attention, it increases strength and gives clarity of thinking. This may help you to keep your mind young. Meditation is something that you can do anywhere as it does not require any special equipment or space. It gives you inner peace.

Do meditation to be happy in life again

Eat healthy breakfast

As we know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Our body requires lean proteins, healthy fat, and whole grains so that our body can remain energetic and can have a stronger ability to focus. It is also known for relieving stress and improving overall health. We can yogurt, soy milk, smoothies which gives us boost in calcium. For good digestive health, we can have fiber.  We should avoid eating unhealthy snacks like cookies and oily food. Eating healthy food helps you to stay positive in life. Skipping breakfast means we will not be able to concentrate on our work and it increases our weight also.

Eat healthy breakfast

Drink lukewarm water

A glass of lukewarm water and a lemon squeezed in it keeps your body hydrated. As we know lemon contains vitamin C in it, it helps in lower blood sugar and reduces weight gains. It also helps in getting rid of the chest infection, cough and helpful for the people with asthma and allergies. It is good for keeping our heart healthy which is very necessary nowadays as most of the people are getting heart attacks due to stress and tensions. So drinking warm water with lemon can really help your body.


Workout or we can say exercise is very important as if you are fit then only you can achieve whatever you want in your life and you will be able to pursue your dreams, ambitions, and goals of your life. It is not only about going to the gym or to go for a walk but to have inner peace and to have overall well-being. Actually, fitness starts at home only like to eat healthy food and don’t go for sweet, oily or any type of unhealthy food. It helps to increase the energy levels and helps to keep your muscles strong and gives you strength the whole day. workouts

 how to be happy in life

To-do list

Take five minutes in the morning and prepare a to-do list that means what all task you have to do in your whole day. It will help you be organized and make your all the work easy. You will be aware of what all things you have done and which things are left. Making this list is very easy firstly u need to do is writing down all your task on a paper sequence wise in the order it is to be done. Then as the work gets completed tick that work. and like this, it will give you confidence as your work gets completed and you feel good.

The person how  already in practice of all  step in their personal life they have no need to to think behind it how to live a happy life because they have satisfied life

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Data analysis scope and career

data analysis scope and career

What are Data Analysis and Data mining?

Data Analysis and Data analysis course is a method of carefully studying data to extract useful information out of it. In another way, data mining or analysis is a technique to find quality data from the bulk of data for a different perspective and categorization for some benefit. There is some process to collect data and make it in the segment like data warehouses, for efficient analysis for different kind of data, data mining algorithms, facilitating business decision making and other information requirements to ultimately cut costs and increase revenue. which enhance our business leads or goal. In data analysis, we break the data and segregate it into segments according to individual requirements. Data can be collected from various sources either it could be done manually or by using the digital platform, but this could only provide us the raw form of data, So we apply processes for converting it into useful information. In the process, one needs to clean the data, perform quality analysis and examine all the data to ensure stable results.

Data analysis scope and career

When we do data analysis firstly we collect data from a different source related to our business. There are two types of data related to the business first one is transactional and another one is non-operational data

Transactional Date: This is day by day deal in sale, purchase, and inventory.

Non-Operational: This is forecast for business


With the increasing demand for Data analysis course in the industry has to lead to large no. for vacancies in the field of data analysts. We provide you the best curriculum that will match the requirements of the industries. Our courses will provide you a perfect balance between basics and advance knowledge on Microsoft Excel, R, SQL, and Python. Excel is one of the most commonly used spreadsheet program used worldwide. Python is a high-level programming language used in data analysis.SQL(Structured Query Language) is a database language which creates a relation between database. Our course not only provide you with theoretical knowledge but also practical aspects. Our tutors are working professionals in the same field, having several years of experience.

Here I am mentioning some platform from where you can do data analysis or mining course by yourself

Coursera – Data Science Specialization, Data Driven Decision Making, 

EdX – Data Science Essentials

Udacity – Intro to Machine Learning

IBM – Data Science Fundamentals

California Institute of Technology – Learning from Data

Dataquest – Become a Data Scientist

KDNuggets – Data Mining Course

These above mentioned all platform is offering the course online with certification


Data analyst requires for all business and organization, especially on digital marketing purpose. According to several surveys, key findings derived that analyst helps the company to stay on the top of its competition. This has lead to high demand for experts in the market. The average estimated salary was found out to be $70,000 per annum and with a high of $150,000 across the globe. Whereas in India, the average package for a data analyst is 3 lakhs per annum for a fresher. No doubt Data analyst enjoys the job security with handsome salary. If you like maths, programming, stats and research work then defiantly Data analysis is a go to a job for you. We can complete this course by self-study at self-paced so that you can enroll now and start embellishing your knowledge from today.

Islam Beliefs and Practices

Islam belief and practices

To know Islam Beliefs and Practices we should know Arabic history, the final revelation of God considered the Quran in its original

Allah means God of Muslims and Islam belongs to Kuran. In Arabic Islam means surrender, peace, commitment, and Submission. Muslim beliefs are Kuran.  A Muslim always consider the Quran in its Arabic original and the final revelation of Mohammad.

Islam Beliefs and Practices

The Muhammad was born in Macca. Before shepherd, he was a merchant and not was happy with around people of him because they are superstitious and economically and socially do injustice.

Islam Religion History

The Sunnis and The Shiyas. There are two groups in Muslims. The percentage of Sunnis around 80% and Shias around 20% of the worlds Muslims. There is a dispute on the same basic beliefs and disagree with the rightful leader of Islam after Muhammad. Islam beliefs and practices are the same for both groups.

5 pillars of Islam


Five pillars of Islam and Islamic people are beliefs on this.

  • Shahadah(declaration of faith)—Muslims believes that Allah is the only god. In the world, only Muhammad is a messenger.
  • Salat(ritual prayer)—when one Hindu do fasting then they do prayers in the morning and evening in front of the god but in Islam, the five-time prayers have to performed in a day. The language of prayer should be Arabic and the time of prayer face direction always in the directions of mecca
  • Zakah(alms tax) –Giving 2.5% of one’s wealth to the poor and needy.
  • Sawm(fasting)—Muslims Roja play a very important role in Roza. Like Hindu do fasting but Muslims do Roza. Both look like the same but in practically totally opposite to each other.
  • Hajj(pilgrimage): Muslims believe in making a pilgrimage to Mecca to the Ka’bah at least once in their lifetime.

Every Muslim around the world first wish to go to haj before they will die



Islamic dream interpretation

Islamic dream interpretation- Dreams are always dreamed but somehow there is some meaning in behind of every dream. In Islamic dream interpretation if anybody sees Haj that means something happing with that one on a major level in a good sign. In coming days he will be going to Haj or religious places related to Haj or Dargah.


Islam Facts

The Muslims people faiths on Allah the simply an Arabic word for Khuda. Allah word is sometimes preferred over God. Neither masculine nor feminine.

There is no plural for Allah.



The day 27th May 2019 in Islamic Calender -22nd Ramadhan 2019 (1440). The Islamic calendar provides you the lunar timetable of the Islamic month.

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