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Why everyone is moving on the digital platform

Digital marketing is one of the simple ways to promote your business online. Nowadays people prefer to go digital or online market. Now day e-commerce websites are earning more than offline businesses do. So that the marketing strategy is also changing.

Previously we use to do the marketing of our product offline. Through banners, holding, effective marking though led screen n all that. There is no guarantee that the people should come after seeing the ad. on page seo techniques

But in online marketing, the chance to create an audience is easy and very effective. We can show ads to those who need that product. Then the chance of conversation increases. Because we are slowly adding to those who need that product.

But in the offline market, it is not possible to analyze the people interest. But the in digital marketing we target the audience who are needy to our product.

There is some drawback of the digital use of all this but overall it saves time and money. Nowadays digital marketing is important to grow your business. SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization. That means optimization of our web page on the search engine. SEO helps in the ranking of our web page on the search engine. There are many activities we do to rank our webpage. There are two ways to optimize our web page on the search engine. (a) ON-PAGE & (b) OFF PAGE.

What is on page SEO?

On page SEO is that work which we do on our webpage to optimize on search Engine. The search engine Google values 35% of On-Page in SEO.  There is some point which we have to take care during On page.

•             Title

•             Headings

•             Paragraphs

•             Image & Feature image

•             Alt tag

•             Slug or URL

•             Meta description

•             Text length

•             Keyword

•             Keyword density

•             Internal link

•             Outbound link

A title should be 35 to 65 characters. We must use 3 headings to better readability. The content should be written in a minimum of 300 words. An image should also be selected with the keyword in its Alt tag.

The slug or URL will be created. Meta description of the content must be written into 120 to 165 characters. Keyword density will be 2-3% in our whole content. The internal and outbound link must be given.

What is OFF-PAGE?

Off-page is a strategy that works which we do on another website to optimize our webpage on search Engine. The search engine Google values 65% of On-Page in SEO. There are many ways to submit our webpage on a different website. They a

•             Directory submission

•             Business listing

•             Social bookmarking

•             Classified submission

•             Blog commenting

•             Blog submission

•             Article submission

•             Press lease submission

•             Image submission

•             Video submission

•             Guestbook submission

•             Guest posting

•             PDF submission

•             PPT submission

•             Forum submission

•             Profile link building

•             Search engine submission

In process of submitting our URL we have to take care of many points. There are two type of link that a website gives to us. (a) Dofollow & (b) Nofollow

(a)          Dofollow :- Link which directly refers to any crawler to crawl the linked web url.

(b)          Nofollow :- Link which do not refers to visit linked web url.

Off-page, activities help to increase our web page DA( Domain Authority) and PA ( Page Authority). For the ranking of our page, we have to do both  ON-Page and OFF- Page activities.

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