Data analysis scope and career

What are Data Analysis and Data mining?

Data Analysis and Data analysis course is a method of carefully studying data to extract useful information out of it. In another way, data mining or analysis is a technique to find quality data from the bulk of data for a different perspective and categorization for some benefit. There is some process to collect data and make it in the segment like data warehouses, for efficient analysis for different kind of data, data mining algorithms, facilitating business decision making and other information requirements to ultimately cut costs and increase revenue. which enhance our business leads or goal. In data analysis, we break the data and segregate it into segments according to individual requirements. Data can be collected from various sources either it could be done manually or by using the digital platform, but this could only provide us the raw form of data, So we apply processes for converting it into useful information. In the process, one needs to clean the data, perform quality analysis and examine all the data to ensure stable results.

Data analysis scope and career

When we do data analysis firstly we collect data from a different source related to our business. There are two types of data related to the business first one is transactional and another one is non-operational data

Transactional Date: This is day by day deal in sale, purchase, and inventory.

Non-Operational: This is forecast for business


With the increasing demand for Data analysis course in the industry has to lead to large no. for vacancies in the field of data analysts. We provide you the best curriculum that will match the requirements of the industries. Our courses will provide you a perfect balance between basics and advance knowledge on Microsoft Excel, R, SQL, and Python. Excel is one of the most commonly used spreadsheet program used worldwide. Python is a high-level programming language used in data analysis.SQL(Structured Query Language) is a database language which creates a relation between database. Our course not only provide you with theoretical knowledge but also practical aspects. Our tutors are working professionals in the same field, having several years of experience.

Here I am mentioning some platform from where you can do data analysis or mining course by yourself

Coursera – Data Science Specialization, Data Driven Decision Making, 

EdX – Data Science Essentials

Udacity – Intro to Machine Learning

IBM – Data Science Fundamentals

California Institute of Technology – Learning from Data

Dataquest – Become a Data Scientist

KDNuggets – Data Mining Course

These above mentioned all platform is offering the course online with certification


Data analyst requires for all business and organization, especially on digital marketing purpose. According to several surveys, key findings derived that analyst helps the company to stay on the top of its competition. This has lead to high demand for experts in the market. The average estimated salary was found out to be $70,000 per annum and with a high of $150,000 across the globe. Whereas in India, the average package for a data analyst is 3 lakhs per annum for a fresher. No doubt Data analyst enjoys the job security with handsome salary. If you like maths, programming, stats and research work then defiantly Data analysis is a go to a job for you. We can complete this course by self-study at self-paced so that you can enroll now and start embellishing your knowledge from today.

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