How to generate leads for real estate Business

Upgrade your business strategy with time to generate more leads. Now this is time to change your lead generation tactics from traditional to digital marketing strategy by using all digital medium to reach to our aspirant client and customer The top 5 idea for how to generate leads for real estate business in india to make an brand, stable and more profitable business.

This is universal law, everything upgrade time to time in the same way so business model and marketing strategy have fallow the same law. After every decade marketing strategy got change in the same way lead generation strategy for real estate business in india is  switching on digital platform.

Outdated lead generation strategy for real estate business

  • Pamphlet
  • Poster
  • Visiting Card
  • News Paper
  • Radio (Broadcasting)
  • Television (Broadcasting)
  • Flex

Not in India rather entire world generating lead for real estate business is outdated because it has some issue which I mentioned below…

  1. No option to generate free leads
  2. Ads or content is less attractive
  3. required more physical activity
  4. There is no option to target more location in same cost
  5. No option to display our content 24×7 on all platform
  6. There is no option to target exact audience

Why digital marketing is best option for real estate lead generation

Digital marketing is the best option to generate lead for real estate business because it is inbound marketing which based on permission our content display or approche to those person who once gave permission or show interest for real estate. therefore the chance of lead increase compare to traditional or outdated marketing.

There are two option to generate leads from digital platform or channel.

Lead generation on digital medium


we can target our aspirant without paying to anyone bu only our content which consist text, Audio(podcast), Video, Image and Infographics on our product and services.

How to generate free traffic for real estate leads business

  • Do attractive and informative Content Marketing.
  • Chose and drag interested audience on your Social media page by social media Marketing.
  • Display Your sold property or built on youtube video.
  • Target your aspect by design email marketing.
  • Create a blog to help customer by sharing point that should focus before purchase property.
  • Deliver your property feature and offer by podcast.
  • Write a informative post on other relevant blog to generate lead.

Paid/ Demand generation

By Using paid ads we can display our property in their budget when they search it on google or show their interest on social media.

Paid platform to display ads…………………….

  • On search engine

1.Search Ads: Run a campaign on google result page when someone search keyword related to real estate. To run Ads on google click here

2. YouTube Ads: Display your video and text ads when someone sear keyword related to real estate or watch video gather information which at the time of purchase.

3. Ads on Google Business: Display your discounted offer when someone do local search for property on google.

  • On Social Media

1. Facebook Ads: In current date most of the people are on facebook either they are on google or not but they have facebook so we have large crowd on facebook to generate leads for property.

2.Twitter Ads:  Twitter is best place to target professional people and where chanse of leads generation are more than other.

3. Linkedin Ads: In linkedin we target audience by seen their job profile which give idea of their income that is main target area for lead generation

Top 5 headlines idea to write digital content

  1. 10 things you need to know before purchase a flat
  2. Do before purchase a property
  3. Before you buy a flat enquire………
  4. Top 5 mistake beginner make at the first purchase
  5. Question should ask before purchase property

Traditional Vs Digital marketing to generate lead for real estate business

After calculation above table information we can understand by example: if we
want to sale a flat so on traditional marketing options are pamphlet, Newspaper, Radio, Television Poster, Flex and on digital channel Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Search Ads, Youtube Ads, Gmail Ads etc.If we do marketing by using cheapest medium of traditional marketing that is distributing Pamphlet we have to pay minimum 500 hundred will cost for printing than we have to pay 3-4 hundred to a person who will distribute it and throw on road we have to keep eye on him else they throw it on road and we could not track our ads or leads from which channel ads coming, we can target very low range area

Digital marketing cheapest Ads option is facebook Ads  where we have to pay 100 rupees  and we can target 1000 people those have interest to buy property and we can target any location of the wherever we want to show our ads and we can run ads 24×7 even we can scheduled it.

Thanks for reading this blog………….

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